XSO Crowdfunding

begins on May 1, 2018 15:00 GMT



Executive Summary

Xsolus is an IT solutions company specializing in blockchain technology applications, web and mobile app development.

Comprised of solution architects, software developers, UI/UX designers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Xsolus is headquartered in Panama with a global presence spanning across Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Canada and the United States.

Our founders have a combined experience of nearly 50 years and are active in blockchain-cryptocurrency development and mining. Our founders also have a wide range of related industry experience including in finance and trading.

Xsolus seeks to contribute to the blockchain-cryptocurrency community by continuing to grow a global team of like-minded individuals to build real-world solutions, innovate blockchain-related technologies, and increase the stability and governance of actors in the community.




Xsolus aspires to be a leader in blockchain-related technology.

In order to advance our mastery, and to provide greater perspective on the inherent challenges involved, we have created working prototypes for various products that will become part of our arsenal of tools and technologies.

For competitive reasons we are disclosing only a teaser for each of our products. More detailed information will be released through press releases and media appearances. We expect each of these announcements to create excitement throughout the community.

Open Source Blockchain
Enables communities to create coins instantly on an ideal platform for developers to build decentralized applications, while innovating to address the limitations of previous generations.
Cryptocurrency Exchange
A hybrid exchange offering extremely fast trade execution, expected trading charts and views, while leveraging a truly decentralized trading platform.
Crowdfunding/ ICO Platform
Helping businesses with their crowdfunding efforts, while innovating to add better governance and stability to the community.
Wallet & Payments
Allows sending and receiving of cryptocurrency through mobile wallets, at POS, and through the Internet worldwide.



We are cultivating relationships with partners, both new and existing, to build real-world solutions that will revolutionize our world.

Each of these projects will leverage our own and/or other best-of-breed tools and technologies to realize the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

As part of our crowdfunding offering, we will offer exclusive pre-sale or first-round rights to participate in these upcoming project crowdfundings to XSO holders.

For competitive reasons, we are providing only a teaser for each of these upcoming projects. Full information will be disclosed when these upcoming projects are announced.

Our incubator includes:

Direct Democracy
Allowing citizens to participate in democracy and hold their representatives accountable.
Business Networking
Providing a platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to network for the empowerment of all.
Stable Cryptocurrency
Bringing stability to cryptocurrencies using innovative processes.
A global tool to provide assistance locally and globally in real-time with full auditability and transparency.
Learning System
Bringing together course material creators, trainers, and learners in an ecosystem powered by its own coin.
Video Debate Platform
A platform for posting your viewpoints and engaging in a fun and social video debate on any topic.
Curated Streaming
Incentivizing content stream creators and curators for captivating channels.
Task Management
Manage tasks for yourself, your team, and your organization in innovative ways.

Why Are We Doing This?

Motivation - Why are we doing this?

We are career technologists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a global vision to realize the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in every aspect of our lives.

As mainstream awareness increases, the presence of strong product and service providers will be critical to the success of the community as a whole. Likewise, we are concerned that bad actors will ruin the opportunities for everyone.

This crowdfunding will allow us to be one of the leading product and service providers in the community.

Our hope is to contribute to the industry and community in every way possible and to enable others’ success by providing jobs to talented individuals, and enabling our partners and customers with reliable services and the best available tools and technologies.

Xsolus anticipates that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change the way things are done on the Internet.

We envision new websites and mobile apps that will redefine our use of the Internet by incorporating renewed trust relationships, distributed application models, and new paradigms of incentivizing users.

Furthermore, we see a future where product and service providers that don’t embrace the changes brought about by blockchain technology will be left out.

As a leader, Xsolus will take the calculated risks to move the community forward.



Unlike most other organizations, Xsolus is not tied to a particular product or technology for our overall success. We have developed our own tools and technologies only to assure that we aren’t subject to other parties’ schedules or agendas in meeting our partners’ and clients’ needs and interests.

In fact, we remain flexible to mix and match with other tools and technologies as the community evolves, along with advancing our own tools and technologies where there are gaps.

From our perspective, it is this focus on real-world results rather than tying our fortunes to a particular tool or ideology that the community sorely needs.

We feel that too many offerings struggle to embrace the real spirit of decentralization.

As our products and partnerships are announced, it will become apparent how we have chosen to advance the community’s interests rather than choose profits through vendor lock-in or centralized schemes that enforce monopolies.

We are vested in the ecosystem, and not just our contributions to the ecosystem, but in the community as a whole.

The success of the community will drive the success of solution providers, such as Xsolus, and bring unexpected new opportunities for everyone. As a leader, Xsolus will transcend the usual motivations and reinforce community collaboration.


Our goal is to raise 4000 BTC during our crowdfunding in exchange for 40,000,000 XSO coins. We will be accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, and XMR.

XSO coin holders will have the following benefits:

Products and Services
Products and Services
XSO coins will be usable to pay for products and services such as blockchain and cryptocurrency software and development, web apps development, logo design, mobile app development, software development, consulting, appearances, and more at a rate reflective of the current market value relative to other cryptocurrencies.
Employment Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
While we will consider all job applicants looking to join our team, coin holders have bought into our ecosystem and have a greater chance of being noticed and interviewed. There’s no minimum amount required, but holding XSO shows belief in our company and the willingness to contribute to our overall success.
With a fixed limited supply and increasing demand for coins in order to purchase products or services, the value of the coins may change over time relative to other cryptocurrencies.
Upcoming Crowdfundings
Upcoming Crowdfundings
Exclusive rights to participate in private pre-sales and/or first rounds of future crowdfunding for our other product offerings and incubator partners. This gives coin holders the highest chance of getting in and at the absolute lowest price.

We would like to set the standard for the community for crowdfunding events. Lessons learned will be applied to future crowdfunding events for our partners and customers.

Start Date

Coin sale will begin on May 1, 2018, 15:00 GMT and will run for 4 weeks until May 29, 2018, or until sold out. Subsequent rounds may happen sooner based on demand.


1st Round/Week 1 10,000,000 XSO 0.0001 BTC per XSO 1000 BTC
2nd Round/Week 2 10,000,000 XSO 0.0001 BTC per XSO 1000 BTC
3rd Round/Week 3 10,000,000 XSO 0.0001 BTC per XSO 1000 BTC
4th Round/Week 4 10,000,000 XSO 0.0001 BTC per XSO 1000 BTC
Total 4000 BTC

Coin Distribution

Total 50,000,000 coins
40,000,000 coins for crowdfunding (unsold coins will be burnt)
10,000,000 coins for marketing, investors, founders, and key employees (coins will be issued and released transparently)

Use of Funds

Funds raised during the crowdfunding will be used to:

Upcoming Crowdfundings
Build up marketing presence in key markets. In some cases, this will mean re-establishing presences.
Upcoming Crowdfundings
Hire multiple teams of software developers and UI/UX designers to augment our existing staff.
Upcoming Crowdfundings
Continue development of our core product tools and technologies.
Upcoming Crowdfundings
Prepare for upcoming crowdfundings for our incubator partners including greater awareness marketing budgets.


We understand that other crowdfunding offerings that have extremely long timelines are unreasonable. The market is evolving quickly and we intend to move at a fast pace. We’re looking at rapidly expanding our existing global team and to continue executing.



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