Xsolus Information Technology Services
Outsourcing Services and Technology
Philippines, India, Manila, Cebu, Bangalore


We are an ideal partner for developing complex information technology "IT" solutions utilizing resources in India and the Philippines.

Since 1998 we have been on the ground understanding how to deliver results in these ever changing locations.


  • Android/iOS App Development
  • AngularJS Web Development
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Java Application Development
  • GWT Web Development
  • Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning


  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Government
  • Education


We utilize a mixture of retained, partner and freelance creative and technical resources to deliver results. We are continually recruiting for ourselves and our partners across India and the Philippines. We have been on the ground for more than 15 years and have our finger on the talent available and the competitive environment for recruitment, and the office space available.

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We develop in-house tools for our own use and for licensing to make outsourcing easier and more productive.

Distributed Task Management

We utilize a custom task management tool that is specially suited to teams operating across multiple locations. See every step of the development process broken down into smallest details and track the progress from anywhere.

Call Center Management

We have developed a custom call center management tool that harnesses popular open source tools and integrates with our task management tools.

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About Us

Our principal brings over 25 years of software development experience and 15 years of systems integration experience across several industries in the United States and Canada, and prides himself in taking a leadership role while continuosly expanding his technical knowledge in a hands-on manner.

We have an open and accomodating relationship with our customers allowing a variety of options for mixing our teams with yours.

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Contact us at info@xsolus.com